How We Make Our Jewelry

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Our Process

When we design our jewelry, we keep in mind all the unique techniques that are used in jewelry fabrication. Here is a quick breakdown of how our jewelry is created.

First, we sketch and draw before we transition a design over to CAD.

Depending on the style, we don't aways use CAD, but it is still used in some of our designs.

On the right is an example of a CAD design.

When we use the lost wax technique, we create wax patterns (called trees) that

are inserted into plaster filled containers. This creates the base for our metal trees.

on the left are Plaster containers left over from metal casting, waiting to be reused.

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Here is a metal casting tree that didn't quite make the cut in production. However, you can see how one tree can connect multiple jewelry styles.

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This is a metal casting tree after we've cut off the unique designs. This sample is white gold. We will melt this down to reuse the metal.

Polishing is actually the most important part of jewelry manufacturing.

It's a very intimate step where the jewelry is polished by hand.

We use multiple machines and some of the best polishers and jewelers in Los Angeles!

This is George, he's amazing and has been polishing our pieces for over three years.

Here he is polishing some white gold Ric Neckpieces from Haati Chai.

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